The Ultimate Cheap Holiday Guide

Advice and tips on how to find cheap holidays. Essential reading before you go ahead and book your next holiday. Do you know how to find a cheap holiday, where to look or how best to search the marketplace?

The holiday is something everyone can enjoy; it is an essential break to allow unwinding and reconnection with family and friends. Sadly though, all too often these wonderful breaks from working life can dig a little too deep into the pockets. Why waste an obscene amount of money on travel really? It would be far better spent on having a good time once you actually arrive!

The problem is many people do not have the first clue where to start looking when it comes to holidays. Most do not realise that a really great holiday does not have to be an insanely expensive holiday. Quite to the contrary, some of the best holidays are also the cheapest!

Exactly how cheap you can get a holiday obviously greatly depends on what type of holiday you want. A cruise around the Caribbean or a river cruise up the Nile might cost a little more than a weekend in Paris. However, the process of finding such holidays is actually essentially the same, particularly with the help of the internet. Even if you have the money to burn on a Caribbean cruise with Amazon adventure it still doesnt mean you should waste thousands of pounds.

The key to any good search is a comparison. The comparison of different carriers, comparing different resorts & accommodation, comparing different insurance options etc. The more information you have, the easier it is to barter with them. They want your money, and they will bargain if they are being upstaged by someone else.

Until recently the problem with this approach was that it was a real pain and very time intensive; many people simply ended up opting for an expensive travel agent. However, the power of the internet has changed everything; the actual process of locating good deals has changed little over the last few decades. In other words, you just need to log on and browse for the best deals, usually in resorts around the south coast of Europe, and you can get away with a truly amazing deal.

For more savings, it is a good idea to be a little flexible; if you are willing to accept any town in the region you wish to visit, and you can be flexible with your flight dates, you will save a lot of money. The same is true if you can manage to go a little earlier holidays are usually a fair bit cheaper in June and July than they are in August. Plus it’s a lot less crowded (and cheaper) once you get there as well. Also, do not forget that you will need transportation so getting Holiday taxis in advance might be more affordable.

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